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Women on the Front Lines in Myanmar

On this INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2022, women around the world are raising their voices for their rights and freedom. In Myanmar they are literally risking their lives to stand tall for democracy.

In February 2021 the military’s coup attempted to close Myanmar once again to the outside world. In response, the country-wide Civil Disobedience Movement was born and continues to this day. The people tasted freedom and are not willing to lose it again.

Women on the front lines of the revolution risk injury, brutality, imprisonment, displacement and death. Those not on the streets, beat pans at night to alert neighbors of military patrols.

They hang women’s longyi’s, undergarments, and period pads to protect protest zones, knowing that men will be disgusted to walk beneath. They refuse to pay utility bills so the military cannot buy more bullets. Unfortunately, those not able to protest or fight are laden with survivor’s guilt for not standing with their comrades.

Educational Empowerment knows that women CAN change our world for the better, if just given the opportunity.

Women make great leaders because they have an innate ability to dream big, challenge assumptions and inspire teams — and they know how to translate big ideas into concrete action and results. Women are resilient in the face of adversity, and are highly agile and flexible. Women RULE! Women provide nourishment to civil disobedience protesters.

REMEMBER Remember – you are strong you are magnificent just as you are. When fear grips your heart, know you will survive.

When hunger makes you fall, know you will stand again.

When anger fills your soul, know it too shall pass.

Breathe Believe in yourself

Breathe Dream big

Breathe and persevere.

Celebrate your power

honor your triumphs

rejoice in your goodness.

Remember – you are strong you are magnificent

you are hope for our world. (In honor of the women and girls of Myanmar and ALL women)

Do you want to help the women of Myanmar? Many people do not know of Myanmar. Share this news with them! Share it with your elected officials and encourage them to recognize Myanmar’s National Unity Government as the legitimate governing body. The humanitarian crisis in Myanmar is severe. Educational Empowerment is still able to transfer funds into the country, albeit through a backdoor mechanism. If you would like to support women on the front lines of resistance with food, medical supplies, blankets, phones, etc., please consider one of the following organizations. All are able to deliver items into the hands of the people.

  • SupportMyanmar

  • Educational Empowerment

  • Girl Determined

  • Helping the Burmese Delta

  • Better Burma

Educational Empowerment is a member of Girls' Globe. View all their posts on here.


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