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Bago Partners and Empowerment

In partnership with colleagues and friends Dr. Moe and Cho Cho Lwin, our micro-credit loan project is now in its fifth year.

Joined by Dr Moe’s brother and project accountant, I met a few of the current loan recipients. They appreciate the support, whether it’s to start up a small business for added income or to repair their home and improve their living conditions. We’re especially proud that the project continues to maintain a 99% loan repayment rate. 

A portion of the interest payment income supports a village school for the girls and boys who can’t afford to attend government school. The students sang an action-packed song for me, with great enthusiasm!

These cuties were quite interested in this Western lady with the camera.

A little later the students joined us for lunch at Dr. Moe’s mom’s home. One of the younger girls got the giggles - very contagious! We were all laughing eventually!

Dr. Moe and Cho Cho are young professionals with full time jobs. Yet, both devote an equal amount of time to ‘giving back to their people’. As an example, Cho Cho is a CPA and auditor. In her off-work time she teaches young women and men how to advance their finance careers and feel pride in their work. I had fun as guest speaker for her current class. The 15 students were delightful. And they’re all super busy juggling work, school, and family responsibilities.

Dr. Moe and Cho Cho humble me with their dedication and creativity.

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