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Empowering Girls in Kachin State

Banyan Tree Reading Center recently added a book mobile outreach program. Now, the joy of books is reaching kiddos in multiple displaced person camps around Myitkyina.

Books instill curiosity to learn and the joy of the exploration. These faces radiate their obvious delight!

I’m delighted to have met these four alumni from last year’s Shaubei Moy Learning Lab sessions. These amazing young women have already faced overwhelming life challenges AND demonstrated incredible perseverance and determination to attain an education. They spoke of the self-confidence they developed and problem solving skills attained, thanks to participation in our training program.

I shared some of their thoughts with the new group of students who are already eagerly inhaling technology and English skills.

Sweet joy to see Naw Cynthia, friend of 9 years, EE’s long term partner, and mama to Sim SaHsar and Shiloh.

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