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Education empowers girls. Create meaningful change by investing in girls’ education!

Our Partners

Banyan Tree Reading Center

Long-term in-country partner for developing and publishing our ethnic folktale book series, and more recently, a library start-up in the Kachin State.

Helping the Burmese Delta

Educational Empowerment’s partner in 2015 to build a primary grade school in the Irrawaddy Delta.


Girl Determined

In-country partner for distribution of Burmese version of I Am Malala to adolescent age Burmese girls.

Girls’ Globe

INGO Girls’ Globe utilizes social media to raise awareness of girls’ issues and to advocate for their rights.  As one of their Featured Organizations, Educational Empowerment posts blogs featuring Burmese girls’ and women’s stories.

Kyan Dyne Aung

In-country partner for microfinance program in Bago which empowers women with income-generating businesses, enabling mothers to keep their daughters in school.


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