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Children of Myanmar -- A Traumatized Generation

In the midst of ashes, formerly her home and village, this wee girl attempts to normalize her world with a game of make-believe motorcycle ride. The scene, surreal as it is, is but one example of the destruction and horror inflicted on Burmese people – and the children of Myanmar – by the Tatmadaw (military) over the past 18 months.

Save the Children estimates that roughly 40 percent of the newly displaced are children, now forced to live in overcrowded camps, the jungle, makeshift shelters, or nunneries.

“If this crisis continues, an entire generation of children is at risk of suffering profound physical, psychological, emotional, educational and economic consequences, depriving them of a healthy and productive future.”

Repeated trauma frequently results in dissociation or emotional numbing, as a tool to block out the intense sadness and fear. The threat of death is ever-present. These children of Myanmar are the innocent victims.

Do you want to help displaced children in Myanmar?

Many people do not know of Myanmar. Share this news with them! Share it with your elected officials and encourage them to recognize Myanmar’s National Unity Government as the legitimate governing body. The humanitarian crisis in Myanmar is severe.

Educational Empowerment is still able to transfer funds into the country, albeit through a backdoor mechanism. If you would like to support the displaced families with food, medical supplies, blankets, phones, etc., please consider one of the following organizations. All are able to deliver items into the hands of the people.

Educational Empowerment is a member of Girls’ Globe. View all our posts on


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