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Even before you're in the travel-by-boat region, you see extensive farm life in the Delta. Life that will withstand severe weather extremes and serve a function. Take the ducks for instance. These incredibly large flocks are herded like sheep by a duck herder. They enjoy homes with shade, built off the ground with available bathing water. They spend considerable time in the salt water canals, fluttering about. When it's time for them to exit the canal, Mrs. duck herder splashes them with water from her boat. As ducks tend to be big followers, the entire flock quickly works its way home. Ducks provide income and food resources, and they sure seem to propogate quickly.

There's a wide array of multi-colored goats and an enormous amount of sows. Water buffalo are the working beasts, but still have time to enjoy the mud and waters. Chickens and roosters strut around everywhere. A few fortunate farmers have horse-drawn carriages. Although I didn't happen upon any wild elephants, I did see a baby croc sunbathing on the muddy canal bank.

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