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Empowering Women through Microfinance


Meet Daw Khin Nwe Oo. A tall, statuesque mom of six, she sells sticky rice snacks walking throughout her village on the outskirts of Bago. Quick to smile and laugh, her business does well, enabling her two younger children to remain in school. Education is important to Daw Khin. Because of health problems when she was a child, she wasn't able to finish primary school. She wants her children to have good jobs, success, and respect. If she was able to change one thing in her life, she would have a rich business.

EE's microfinance project in partnership with local organization Kyan Dyne Aung will be starting its third cyle of loan distributions come June. Over the past 19 months, the program's repayment rate has maintained 100%. Current recipients will be able to borrow 75,000 kyat in June ($75). New loan participants may qualify for 60,000 kyat. The women I met expressed obvious pride in their success in bringing new income into their households, motivation to improve their businesses, and gratitude for this opportunity.

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